Seahorse Rodeo is a unique and extraordinary interactive walkabout act that excite senses and spark imaginations. Let Seahorse Rodeo bring this very special sparkle party to you!

Become charmed and intrigued by colourful, larger-than-life seahorses who defy gravity by hovering and gliding through the crowds. Masterfully jockeyed by deep-sea ocean cowboys, these floating sea-ponies create a roving underwater party atmosphere with their bubbles, beats and radiant vibes.

Thanks to advanced self balancing technology these wonderful plush seahorses share the graceful movement and gentle style of their underwater cousins in an act of miraculous equilibrium. With built-in hidden speakers they engage the audience and invite them to step into an entertaining "sound bubble" of festivity. With their delightful shiny presence, glowing effects and fascinating pulsing lights, Seahorse Rodeo attracts curious humans of all ages at both day and night.

Seahorse Rodeo is ideal for animation of spacious areas and to deeply explore every corner at the largest event space, shopping mall, festival, celebration, public/private or corporate event, carnival or roaming parade.

  • A unique, stand-out act
  • Engaging, playful and interactive
  • Great area coverage
  • Entertaining for all ages
  • Magical, fun and impressive
  • First and only act of its kind
  • Available to perform worldwide
  • Using state-of-the-art technology


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